General Terms and Conditions - Environment Option

Air France offers its customers the possibility of voluntarily contributing to the development of Sustainable Aviation Fuel ("Sustainable Aviation Fuel" - "SAF") on its future flights, hereinafter "the Environment Option."  These alternative fuels, produced from non-fossil resources, reduce CO₂ emissions by an average of 80% over their entire life cycle compared to fossil fuels.

1. General

1.1 The present General Conditions apply to any purchase of the Environment Option. 1.2 Air France reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. 1.3 Any purchase of the Environment Option will be subject to the Terms and Conditions in effect at the time of said purchase unless their modification is required by law or by a government authority. 1.4 The choice to purchase the Environment Option is entirely optional for the passenger. 1.5 These General Conditions are in addition to the Air France General Conditions of Carriage, which apply to the transport of passengers. 1.6 The Environment Option is offered for the purchase of any ticket on flights operated by Air France, regardless of its origin or point of sale. 1.7 Any passenger who purchases the Environment Option declares that they are legally capable of entering into a contract, that they have read these General Terms and Conditions, and that they accept them with no reservations.

2. Environment option

2.1 As part of the Environment Option, Air France allows passengers to choose their level of contribution to support the development of sustainable aviation fuels, depending on their flight (short, medium, or long-haul). 2.2 This voluntary contribution does not replace the sustainable aviation fuel surcharge included in the ticket price. 2.3 The voluntary contribution amount is calculated based on the CO₂ emissions generated by the flight(s) the Customer selected and the passenger's contribution level. 2.4 The Customer can purchase an Environment Option at the time of booking, after purchasing a ticket in "My Bookings," and while checking in online. The Customer will receive an email confirming their purchase. 2.5 The voluntary contribution will be used exclusively for the future purchase of sustainable aviation fuels. 2.6 The passenger is expressly informed, and accepts that, the sustainable aviation fuels Air France purchases thanks to their contribution will not necessarily be used on the flight(s) on which the Customer will travel. 2.7 The passenger may request a refund for the Environment Option by filling out an online claim accessible via the "Contact Us" section of the Air France website, provided that this refund request is made before the start of the trip and in the following cases:

  • The ticket for which the Customer had purchased an Environment Option is canceled by Air France.
  • The Customer with a Full Flex ticket cancels their flight within the ticket's validity period.